Before You Say Yes: A Few Thoughts On Marrying Mr. Right

Marriage is a hot topic among my friends these days. Many of my friends are currently in serious relationships, and beginning to ask the Big Questions about moving forward toward marriage. I haven’t been married for a long time, but marriage has been so surprising, and so deeply educational,  I can’t help but have a [...]

On Toothpaste and Being A Grown Up Grown-Up


“Why is the toothpaste in your travel bag?” My husband. Always asking me the hard questions. “Um…” my face, now smiling but streaked with recent tears, is starting to turn red. He looks at me, then starts to laugh. He can see the answer on my face before I say it: “Um, because I was [...]

Insecure, Emotional House Seeking New Owner

My house is a disaster today. Seriously, I’ve never met a more insecure, emotional crew in my life. The Dishes are nice most of the time. But lately, they’ve been really needy. It’s getting a little ridiculous. Like seriously Dishes? We just hung out yesterday. Do we really have to see each other again today? And [...]

If Momma Ain’t Happy….


I’ve never felt so significant in my life. I think I really realized today how much my joy matters. My joy matters. Mine. I knew, of course, that it mattered for me. You know, how “Choosing Joy” is always available as an attitude that will, inevitably, make my own personal day immensely better. Duh, on [...]

For When You’re Licked By Life

Tired and loved, but still so dang tired. I read this letter this morning and it made my (very tired) heart heave a big (huge, massive) sigh of complete and utter relief. Seems there are signs all over the place pointing me back to Square One: You. Are. Loved. Even with that sigh of relief, [...]